Your Marriage Matters with Marriage Coach Lynn is a weekly podcast designed to help you make your marriage great. Each week, we will talk about the topics that matter most to you. Listen regularly to build a happy, fulfilling marriage and join the Your Marriage Matters Movement by visiting www.marriagecoachlynn.com for FREE books and resources.

More about Your Marriage Matters podcast…

Join Marriage Coach Lynn for a unique, one of a kind podcast. Because your time is valuable, we’re committed to giving you 15 minutes of top notch content each week. Be sure to listen until the end of each episode, where Lynn will leave you with a thought and a challenge for the week. Occasionally, we will offer additional shows featuring interviews and in-depth discussions. We’ll bring you the topics that matter most to you so that you can build an amazing marriage.

Think of this podcast as no-fuss, no-muss coaching.  An accomplished author, Lynn has had thousands of conversations on marriage and relationships, has read hundreds of books and has taken several courses on the subjects presented in this podcast. Visit her website for a complete bio. www.marriagecoachlynn.com

Lynn has spent many years helping people one-on-one and in small groups. It’s time to share her encouragement with a larger audience.  She is committed to presenting episodes each week, with the intention of growing the audience to 5,000 listeners. Send topic requests and show ideas to lynn@marriagecoachlynn.com. If you like Your Marriage Matters, please leave comments and spread the word to your friends and on social media.

Think of this show as a service to the community. Lynn wants to reach people who truly care about working on their marriage for the sake of their own happiness and as a foundation of a strong society. American culture sorely needs more solid marriages, doesn’t it?

In this podcast, you’ll discover that our approach is cumulative. Certainly, you can listen to individual episodes, but you’ll want to become a regular listener to gain maximum benefits. At the end of the year, you’ll have listened to an equivalent of several years of information and inspiration, valued at thousands of dollars!

Isn’t your marriage worth an investment of 15 minutes per week?!

Your Marriage Matters is not a podcast where the host likes to hear her voice and fill up hours of your precious time. It is a show designed for you and targeted for a special niche: for people who value lifelong, happy marriage. Originating in Tampa Bay, Florida, the Sunshine State, Lynn wants to help you add sunshine to your marriage. Also known as “the lady with the yellow hat,” you might notice Lynn wearing a yellow hat when she is out and about. Yellow signifies fire, passion, hope, happiness, positivity, optimism, freshness, energy, enlightenment, intellect, honor, loyalty and joy  - things that make a marriage great!

Your Marriage Matters will present several “series.” This means that a few consecutive shows will be devoted to a particular topic. Upcoming series for 2018 include: Building a Sound Relationship House; Communication; Sex; the Dangers of Pornography; Fatherhood, and more.

Thanks for visiting us. Take a listen and stick around for a while.

Host:  Lynn M. Griesemer, aka Marriage Coach Lynn
Creative Director: Melanie Griesemer, www.melaniegriesemer.com
Technical Advisor: Michael Griesemer

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We value lifelong, happy marriageYour Marriage Matters (YMM) Movement 

When you sign up to be a member of the YMM Movement, you are making a statement that you value lifelong, happy marriage. I’m not here to sell you anything, nor will I bombard you with constant emails. You might receive 4-5 emails a year from me. I am here for you and I’m a huge fan of creating and sustaining happy, monogamous marriage. Won’t you join me in this effort?

Your membership entitles you to exclusive (members only) offers.  Your FREE copy of  “Make Your Marriage Great: Clean of Heart,” will be sent to you via email upon publication (projected 4/30/18).  Make Your Marriage Great is Book 1 of the three-part “Your Marriage Matters” book series. Book 2 will be published in 2018 and Book 3 will be offered when the YMM Movementreaches 5,000 members.  So, as you can see, it is important to spread the word about this movement.

When we reach 5,000 members, I will celebrate by conducting a random drawing for one lucky winner who will be awarded a coaching package, valued at $1,000. This package may be shared with up to two others (individuals or couples) and expires within one year.

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As your coach, I am committed to helping you make your marriage great. I will help you…

  • clarify your goals
  • achieve the results you want
  • learn new skills
  • put those skills into action
  • experience more peace and contentment
  • ​strengthen your love
  • restore the love
  • have hope in your future together
  • take your relationship to new heights

Get ready to catapult your marriage to levels you've never known! I am passionate about marriage and convinced that we need a DRASTIC shift regarding the state of marriage in our culture.


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