Your Marriage Matters was a weekly podcast designed to help you make your marriage great. Each episode was approximately 15 minutes.  An accomplished author, Lynn has had thousands of conversations on marriage and relationships, has read hundreds of books and has taken several courses on the subjects presented in this podcast. Lynn spent many years helping people one-on-one and in small groups and served as a Marriage Coach from 2010-2020.

At the end of 71 episodes, you’ll have listened to an equivalent of several years of information and inspiration, valued at thousands of dollars! Isn’t your marriage worth an investment of 15 minutes per week?!

Your Marriage Matters was designed for a special niche: for those who value lifelong, happy marriage and want to discover (or rediscover)  fire, passion, hope, happiness, positivity, optimism, freshness, energy, enlightenment, intellect, honor, loyalty and joy - things that make a marriage great!

Your Marriage Matters released 71 episodes during 2018-2019. Here's a a list of the 12 Series created for the “Your Marriage Matters” Podcast: The Sound Relationship House: Based on the Model by Dr. John Gottman; Fathers and Large Families; Before You Get Married; How Babies Impact Marriage; The Big 4: Forgiveness, Friendship, Honor & Honesty;: Perfect These for a Highly Satisfying Marriage;  Emotional Fidelity: Creating an Emotionally Healthy Environment in Your Marriage; Communication Series: Techniques for a Peaceful Marriage; Top 6 Marriage Books: Catholic Resources that Inspire Lifelong Love in Marriage; Middle Age Malaise; How to Have a Happy Marriage; Gary Chapman Books; Hanging by Threads: What to do When Your Marriage is in Crisis.

Thanks for listening and as always, make your marriage great!

Host:  Lynn M. Griesemer, aka Marriage Coach Lynn
Creative Director: Melanie Griesemer, Youtube Channel: Melanie Griesemer.       Instagram: melaniegriesemer
Technical Advisor: Michael Griesemer

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As your coach, I am committed to helping you make your marriage great. I will help you…

  • clarify your goals
  • achieve the results you want
  • learn new skills
  • put those skills into action
  • experience more peace and contentment
  • ​strengthen your love
  • restore the love
  • have hope in your future together
  • take your relationship to new heights

Get ready to catapult your marriage to levels you've never known! I am passionate about marriage and convinced that we need a DRASTIC shift regarding the state of marriage in our culture.


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“Happy Together: the Catholic Blueprint for a Loving Marriage” – YMMP069

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