Your Marriage Matters Podcast devoted three episodes to the topic of honesty: episodes 12 (Let’s Be Honest), 35 (Honesty) and 36 (Radical Honesty).

Here are several questions for you to ponder:

Are there some things that are better kept to yourself?

Is it important to disclose everything so that your partner will know how to please you and not misinterpret your communication?

Is it impolite and burdensome to share everything with your spouse?

Is lying ever justified?

Can brutal honesty be cruel?

Are you honest with yourself?

How does this affect your marriage?

If your marriage is not going so well and you feel a need to protect and present an image to your loved ones and close friends, how is this serving you?

Is dishonesty helping to improve your marriage?

Do you feel stagnant or does your marriage feel like it is taking a step backwards lately? Check to see if honesty or lack of honesty is to blame.

Are you spinning others in circles, your partner and yourself to the point of madness?

Do you have to keep track of some of your lies? If so, your relationship is in grave danger, yes grave danger.

Do you plan on living the rest of your marriage in this state?

Tough questions, but ask yourself the tough questions in your quiet moments and determine if you are willing and able to move in a better direction, a more virtuous, moral and loving direction.