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Marriage Coaching Packages, Tailor Made for You

Who hasn’t experienced discontent in their marriage from time to time? No problem is too big. Solutions are right around the corner. My promise to you is that if you both put forth the effort, you WILL experience breakthroughs.

Many people will spend thousands of dollars on career development, but what are they doing to ensure “relationship development?” How much money do couples spend on vacations, hobbies, and electronics compared to marital enrichment? Your marriage is the most important relationship of your life. Friends and bosses will come and go, but the happiness level with your spouse is a foundation of your life.

It is estimated that clients seek counseling or coaching for 8-12 sessions. If the average cost per hour is $150 and a couple attends 10 sessions, that’s $1500. Couples in crisis often spend $6,000 and therapists and psychologists estimate the success rate to be 20-30%. That’s pitiful. I aim for a much higher rate. Your marriage matters to you and to society. Together, let’s make your marriage great!

Coaching is a great option that can help you at any stage of marriage and any state of happiness, whether things are going well or not so well.

Each package is designed with a purpose in mind, but will be structured to meet your needs. Please review the packages below and let me knowPicture which one you’d like to enroll in.  FREE copy of “Reenergize Your Marriage in 21 Days” for those who enroll in their first coaching package. For the duration of your package, I am available for unlimited email access. Communication options include Skype, Discord, Facetime and phone.

Sixty days after the final session of your package, with your permission,  I would like to contact you via email to see if you are manifesting your intended results.

Select from:


Four sessions spread over one or two months, your choice. We will launch you to greater heights along the Gottman Sound Relationship House (see “resources” section), with emphasis on communication strategies. I can help you find the way to increase the emotional intimacy in your marriage – it’s not rocket science and you can see results, beginning today. $450 investment.

Package 2: LIFESAVER

Specially designed for Marriages in Crisis. Is your marriage hanging by threads? Have you drifted apart? Do you harbor resentments and disillusionment? This program can help you reach breakthroughs, restore love and put estrangement behind you. Both spouses are required to participate in this package. Four sessions, $450 investment. Eight sessions, $900 investment.


“My marriage is okay, but something is missing. Things aren’t what they used to be. What can we do to make things better?”  If you’ve had these thoughts in the past, this package might be what you need. We will focus on how to create a great marriage from this point forward and the pivotal steps you can take to increase the warmth. You will be shown techniques to affair-proof your marriage and eliminate boredom and estrangement. It is possible to increase fun and happiness with your partner, amidst the hardships of life and we will create ways to do this. Four sessions, $450 investment.


Has the romance been replaced by a “settling in” phase? Mortgage, jobs, obligations, young children, more fatigue, less sex? What’s happened to us? This package can help you navigate a new phase in your marriage. The divorce rate is high between the wedding and five year point. Don’t let your marriage be at risk. Better to address things as they’re happening rather than slide into a new phase with lingering dissatisfaction. Do not put your relationship on hold! This package is not only for newlyweds, but anyone going through transitions in marriage. Three sessions, $350 investment.


Four sessions spread over one or two months, your choice. We will determine your most pressing concerns BEFORE any commitment and then design a package that will help you get the results you want. $600. investment.


Many couples have difficulty articulating their concerns. Sometimes they think they have trouble in one area and through coaching, discover that there is something more important to address. It’s a normal human tendency to not admit problems publicly or even privately. People shoulder a burden of not wanting to admit to anyone the discontent and disconnection they feel. Their spouses are not mind readers and the relationship is not going to miraculously change by itself.

I strive to create an atmosphere of comfort so you can disclose your concerns honestly and fully. Withholding information thwarts progress.

Possible topics for discussion: emotional distance, estrangement, sexual problems including but not limited to: differences, dissatisfaction, alienation, lack of interest, selfishness. Feeling stuck about how to make changes due to a long duration of an established pattern / habit, communication problems, in-law problems, compatibility challenges, feelings of boredom with my spouse, lack of love, lack of trust and respect, lack of motivation to make a change, helplessness / feeling it’s too late to do anything, resignation, resentment, anger, frustration and impatience, fatigue and depression, feeling overwhelmed and pushed to the limit in life, feeling I made a mistake in choosing my mate, growing apart, indifference, inattentiveness, withdrawal, lack of admiration, no affection or romance, and more.

I am available for individual sessions, but I believe it is more productive to schedule a “package.” This way we have four sessions to allow for a couples’ session, perhaps an individual session and then another couples’ session. I coach individuals and couples. When a marriage is in crisis (at risk for divorce), I prefer to coach the couple.