Workshops and Keynotes


The following presentations are offered in the community, workplace, churches and small groups.  We can custom-design a talk for your group! Please provide email and phone number.

Talks for Small Groups and Churches
(free or nominal fee)

How to Increase Emotional Intimacy in Marriage (1 hour)

Have you ever felt a little distance from your spouse? What’s happening and why?  In this action-packed talk, you will find ways to regain the closeness you once had. We will discuss ways to foster positive energy and present several ideas to get you on track to a loving, fulfilling relationship.

Affair-Proof Your Marriage  (1 hour)

The stark truth is that up to 70% of marriages will experience an affair! This means it can strike people of various religious beliefs and marriages that are generally satisfying. Learn the causes of affairs, what you can do to prevent against an affair and what to do if an affair has jeopardized your marriage.

($30 per person or $50 per couple; free downloadable book included per couple: Reenergize Your Marriage in 21 Days)

Falling in Love Again: Rekindling Romance and Restoring Hope in Your Marriage  (2 hours)

Do you want to experience more peace and contentment in your marriage? Do you want to make improvements and take your relationship to a new level? Then come and learn how to reenergize your marriage. Lynn will share several secrets that you can implement NOW, starting TODAY. You will learn: (1) ways to rekindle romance, amidst a busy life (2) How to navigate through the hardships in marriage – 3 foolproof ways (3) secrets of happily married couples. This workshop is intended for married couples who want to make their struggling marriage better or their good marriage great.

Secrets for Long-Lasting Love  (2 hours)

We will discuss the “Sound Relationship House” as designed by Dr. John Gottman. We will familiarize ourselves with communication pitfalls and ways to strengthen communication patterns through implementing “Non-Violent Communication.” The way you express yourself and the way you dialogue with your spouse is a requirement for thriving relationships.

Keynote Presentations

How to Spice Up Your Marriage in 20 Minutes (20 minutes) – Keynote presentation for the fun, frisky and lighthearted.

How to Fix Your Marriage – This Weekend!(20 minutes) – Keynote that packs a few solid ideas; preachy and opinionated, but sometimes we can’t be politically correct if we want to fix something that’s a little broken.