What Makes a Good Husband? – YMMP015

What Makes a Good Husband?

Bob and I discuss key qualities for a fantastic husband and marriage. What do you think is the #1 secret to a stellar husband? Listen to today’s podcast and find out.

When Marriage Becomes Like Roommates – YMMP014

 Are you stuck in a marriage that feels more like a roommate situation rather than a loving husband and wife relationship? Do you feel your relationship is headed in that direction? You’re just not as close as you’d like to be. Maybe you’re too busy. STOP RIGHT THERE! There’s so much you can do to halt the process and restore the love.

Listen to today’s episode and discover at least 10 things you can do to turn around a marriage that’s going south.

Is Marriage Hard Work? – YMMP013

Is Marriage Hard Work?

Ask your partner what he or she thinks. Is this a myth? Is there any truth to it? What exactly makes marriage hard?

Join Lynn and Bob as they discuss this question: “Is marriage hard work?” What do you think?

Let’s Be Honest – YMMP012

Let’s Be Honest

Are you being honest with yourself? Have you faced what causes you pain? Have you reconciled with it and found ways to cope? If you can become comfortable with the answers to these questions, you will be better equipped to express vulnerability.

Expressing vulnerability is pivotal in becoming helpmates and forms a pathway to understanding each other. Today’s podcast will show why it’s important to be honest, how to be vulnerable and how to create a safe space in which to be vulnerable.