Forgiveness – YMMP032

 THE BIG 4: Perfect these and your marriage will be highly satisfying. The Big 4 are forgiveness, friendship, honor and honesty. We’ll start the series with FORGIVENESS. Why is forgiveness important?  What does it require? What blocks us from forgiving? What happens if we refuse to forgive? Listen to today’s episode and discover why forgiveness is important for marriage – and not just forgiving the big things. Make forgiveness an ongoing process in your marriage. Continue to forgive yourself and your partner and watch your relationship thrive.

Tips for Marriage While Raising Young Children – YMMP031

This concludes the series “How Babies Impact Marriage.” Episodes: #28 – So, You’re Having a Baby! How to Have the Pregnancy and Birth of Your Dreams #29 – Infancy and Postpartum Challenges for Couples #30 – And Baby Makes 3: How to Transition to a New Family Unit #31 – Tips for Marriage When Raising Young Children

Get enough rest; be a planner; make your marriage relationship a priority. Find out the top 7 tips you need to know when raising a family.

And Baby Makes 3 – YMMP030


And Baby Makes 3: How to Transition to a New Family Unit

The birth of a child means changes for marriage. Who will do the chores? How can I get enough sleep in order to function? How do we balance home life and work life? What will our vacations look like? What will our life look like? We’ll talk about expectations and the many changes that happen in marriage when a baby is welcomed into the family.


Infancy and Postpartum Challenges – YMMP029

Infancy and postpartum recovery pose different challenges for different couples. How will you adjust to your new life? What are some of the challenges that arise when a new baby joins the family? Today’s episode explores the adjustments that couples face when starting a family.