Tips for Marriage While Raising Young Children – YMMP031

This concludes the series “How Babies Impact Marriage.” Episodes: #28 – So, You’re Having a Baby! How to Have the Pregnancy and Birth of Your Dreams #29 – Infancy and Postpartum Challenges for Couples #30 – And Baby Makes 3: How to Transition to a New Family Unit #31 – Tips for Marriage When Raising Young Children

Get enough rest; be a planner; make your marriage relationship a priority. Find out the top 7 tips you need to know when raising a family.

Is He / She “THE ONE?” – YMMP022

How Do I Know if He / She’s “THE ONE?” This is one of the most important question’s of your life! Episode #22 is Part 3 in the Four-Part Series, “Before You Get Married.”

Welcome to the “Before You Get Married” Series. 4 episodes have been designed especially for those who are unmarried and considering marriage. These episodes will remove any mystery or questions you may have.

Part 1: Episode #20: Know Yourself / Your Best Self / Be the Right Mate

Part 2: Episode #21: Know Your Partner/ Selecting the Right Mate

Part 3: Episode #22: “How Do I Know if He / She’s the Right One?”

Part 4: Episode #23: Preparing for Marriage

Is Marriage Hard Work? – YMMP013

Is Marriage Hard Work?

Ask your partner what he or she thinks. Is this a myth? Is there any truth to it? What exactly makes marriage hard?

Join Lynn and Bob as they discuss this question: “Is marriage hard work?” What do you think?