Being the Best Partner You Can Be – YMMP020

Before You Get Married:

Knowing Yourself and Being the Best Partner You Can Be

Stop right there! This episode focuses on knowing yourself and being the best mate you can be. It’s packed with valuable info you won’t want to miss.  Everyone is looking for the perfect partner. Find out how and why YOU need to be the “perfect partner.” One of the most important things you can do: ADAPT, ADJUST, GROW.

Welcome to the “Before You Get Married” Series. 4 episodes have been designed especially for those who are unmarried and considering marriage. These episodes will remove any mystery or questions you may have.

Part 1: Episode #20: Know Yourself / Your Best Self / Be the Right Mate

Part 2: Episode #21: Know Your Partner/ Selecting the Right Mate

Part 3: Episode #22: “How Do I Know if He / She’s the Right One?”

Part 4: Episode #23: Preparing for Marriage